Will be selling PCBs, USBs, Power CAbles, Power Supply, 3.5" HDD Trays, and fused power boards with a switch for each soon take a look if anyone needs. Moving it all to Disk arrays in my rack

There’s enough to power 38 HDDs with individual fused switched power connections for each drive. Enough 6 disk vertical holders for 24 drives you can get more for $15 I think.

Also has 36 or so PCB boards from Easystore external HDDs with the usb superspeed cables, and the power cables i made to feed them all.

I have two high end powered 13-port usb hubs too which will run 13 HDDs. They are usb 3.1 in with 13 3.0 ports and will run 13 drives connected to a usb 3.1 port and will be stable. It’s not as good as having individual SATA connections but it def works.

I had close to 500 Tib running between this setup and the 5 drives in the desktop case. Occasionally after a reboot you won’t get all the drives to reconnect immediately and will have to power off one and let the 13 drives connect and then turn the other one on and let them connect but once they’re all up they stay up and the speed is sufficient.

Some drives dont really like the PCB boards though I think it was only Ironwolf drives that I had an issue with I just put them in the case. All the pcb boards will work with HDDs up to 18TB that I know of probably will work with 20TB and 22TB but not tested.

Just finally uploading pics and I can’t find the more recent ones of course from when I had it filled now that I took it all apart but you get the idea and I’ll take pics of the other components.

Sorry but I have to ask… is your return key broken? Or you just hate paragraphs?

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Lmao I just try to go too fast trying to respond to a million different things responding to a million dumbass questions I get on the marketplaces daily, creating product listings, emails, forums, etc. so I try to go too fast. I was running late for something like always so just wrote it as quickly as possible and was going to upload the pics from my phone and clean it up then and didn’t get around to it. For the important shit I have to go back and format it all afterward and I keep forgetting to keep setting up prompts and integrations to utilize ai more to be more efficient and let ai do the work for me too. I have grammarly too and I still end up doing that shit haha

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