Will farming work without port forwarding / UPnP disabled?

I’m just starting out, so not expecting to win any coins anytime soon - but my setup does not have port forwarding set up, and UPnP is disabled.

Will farming still be successful, or is port fowarding / UPNP strictly required?

Thanks all - awesome forum, I already learned a ton of stuff just from reading here!

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As long as your node shows synced, you have a chance to win. Port forwarding makes sync happen a lot faster, but it is not required.

Great - thank you! I realize that allowing access to the port helps the network, but sometimes it just isn’t possible.

You will be depending on outbound connections so I would suggest raising the config value for target_outbound_peer_count.

appears to work here. won a few times and never set up port-forwarding

noob here. may i know how and where do i do this pls. thanks.

This is a value in the chia config file. I think the location of this file varies a little based on your platform. On linux and Mac, by default, it is under ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml . I’m not sure where it installs on Windows but would expect it to look similar. Find the value target_outbound_peer_count in this file and raise its value. I believe the default is 10 ( or it was in an earlier version anyway). I’d suggest raising this to 40 or 50 to make up for not accepting incoming connections.

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thanks chief. done.

do i need to edit any of these?

max_inbound_farmer: 10
max_inbound_timelord: 5
max_inbound_wallet: 20

I dob’t believe so. I believe these are all controlling how many connections you will accept (farmer, wallet, timecard). Since you are running without port forwarding you will not have inbound connections so these won’t come into play.

When you do have port forwarding working other clients will connect to you. These values control how many you will keep. Once the threshold is met connections beyond that are closed and not maintained.

Thanks for the explanation and help. Appreciate it.

I’ve edited the peer_count and now I have more than 25 peer connections at any given time. The peer heights don’t seem to be far behind from my connected height vs before between 2-5 height.

All syncs are fast too.

That sounds normal. The GUI seems to update the connection info every few seconds so often the peer connection height will be 2 or 3 behind. You can run the CLI command for a more realtime look -

chia show -c

Thanks. Peer height seemed to update frequently now. I used to see peer heights that are between 100-200 behind my height.

More plots are also trying to pass filter now too.