Will mainnet and wallet dbs fit on a 16gb boot drive?


Lol, I feel like I’m constantly fighting fires here, I used Ubuntu Server and /home is just part of / and my / is a small 16G boot Optane NVMe, I’m in the process of syncing and showing the mainnet and wallet DBs taking up 3.0G (1.7G & 1.3G respectively) and I only show 3G of space remaining on / !!!

Please help, I have a wallet height of 200K so I’m guessing my usage will double, can I just move the db files to another drive or do I have to move /home to another drive, also what’s a safe amount of space to set aside for these DB’s?



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Aaarggh, now it’s… 4.0G (2.3G & 1.6G respectively) and I only show 2.3G of space remaining still syncing with a wallet height of 262336.

Lol, I feel like the security guard in this image

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Can you clone the boot drive to a larger one? 16GB is not going to be enough for much longer.

Clonezilla will do it.


Thanks @Harris, are you fully synced, if so, whats size roughly is your chia directory, just trying to gauge the urgency, I have my fingers crossed that that the mainnet and wallet DBs don’t take up more than 6G when synced, so I will get sync and relocate it all in the next few days?

Any idea if the mainnet and wallet DBs sync can be resumed (if I do run out of space), or would I have to start a sync from scratch?

My .chia directory is 4.95 GB and the main files are as follows (fully synced):

3.0G May 19 09:40 blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite
64K May 19 09:41 blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite-shm
20M May 19 09:41 blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite-wal
4.7M May 19 09:39 peer_table_node.sqlite
32K May 19 09:39 peer_table_node.sqlite-shm
7.9M May 19 09:39 peer_table_node.sqlite-wal

1.9G May 19 09:24 blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_1234567890.sqlite
32K May 19 09:42 blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_1234567890.sqlite-shm
4.1M May 19 09:42 blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_1234567890.sqlite-wal
16K May  9 17:25 wallet_peers.sqlite

You have made my day Sir @Harris !

I will probably be OK for a few days then, I just want to get synced so I can get the tidal wave of Chia coming my way lol

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Resuming should be fine as long as the files don’t get corrupted (unlikely).

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I’ll probably stick another larger M.2 drive in and do this:

I was so preoccupied with allocating enterprise NVMe SSD’s exclusively to plotting so I could get more simultaneous plots, that I didn’t​ stop to think whether I should use a bigger OS disk…Dr. Ian Malcolm lol

That will work, but IMO a full clone is simpler (lower chance of issues) and one less drive to manage.

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@Harris, great point!!!

@Harris, if you don’t mind, can you please let me know what your wallet height is in ‘chia wallet show’?

Any idea what wallet height means, is it the number of wallets online?

Wallet height: 303990

I believe this should be the same as the current peak height (number of blocks)

It increments pretty quickly

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This was the right call :ok_hand:
I see a lot of time being wasted by folks on other trivial matters when the ONLY priority should be to plot plot plot.

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That just made me rethink my setup I’ll initiate tonight for a new full-node. Any projections to what extend these DB’s grow (GB/Week)?

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@Tydeno I haven’t seen it documented anywhere, without data it’s just a guess, I will put root on at least a 100GB drive from now on.

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My full synced node: 2.9G, height is 304k. When it was 200k height, size about 2.0G.

Just buy a 16G/64G thumb drive and mount it onto ~/.chia. $10 investment, with a downtime of max 5min.

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