Will plotting be ready by the end of the month?

They said it would be ready by the end of the month. Any word?

I prefer the new blockchain software will be released first so we can start plotting the portable pool plots.

Yep, here is waiting 50TiBs+ new HDDs ready to be filled with new plots. Any day now, hopefully.

Totally agree with you on this

I continue to plot. Not going to waste time waiting. I’ll just shift to portable plots when the update comes out and when my capacity fills up I’ll come back and begin to replace my non-portable plots. But at least this way I continue to run at capacity.

And BTW, it’s not the end of the month yet. 3 more days.

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Not sure where the end of the month stuff is coming from. I thought he pretty clearly said that the release would be on testnet only and that mainnet won’t see portable plots until mid June.

Just make sure you guys set your expectations :innocent:

It is my understanding once the pooling software is released then we still won’t be able to jump on pools for at least a week while the pools run test on testnet to work any bugs out, but in the mean time we will be able to start the pool plotting. Is that what you guys/gals understand?

Yes, the pool protocol and plot option was promised for end of may.

But then pool operators will still need time to get up and running and implement the code
So that wil take…

But at least we should be able to start plotting for pools as soon as the new release is there

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For those of us having worked or working in software, we all know how days turn into weeks, and weeks into months …


On the Keybase, a dev member said to have a date to announce on 2 June on Zoom.

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More info and a tutorial at https://commonmark.org/help/

@cjd9153 it’s better to link directly to the official tweet, don’t you think? I made that edit for readability. You can edit it if you want it to be something else, I guess, but I think most people would want to see proof from the creator of Chia above all else.