Win a Block but Only 0.25 Chia Why?

I´m farming in a pool and a lucky day I saw in the GUI that I won a Block but sadly only 0.25 Chia were added to my wallet, It´s because I´m in a pool? in theory should have added 2 Chia´s isn´t?

One is $0.25 and the other is $1.75

If your in a pool you only get the .25, if your self pooling you get 2 xch.

All the other payouts you get from the pool are the 1.75 being divided up between everyone in the pool based on plot numbers at the pool.

That’s the whole point of pooling, so you get paid if you hit a block or not.


It’s because you’re in a pool. If you got all 2 XCH, then nobody else would get anything, and you would never get a reward unless and until you found a block, which would mean the only point to being in a pool would be a fancy dashboard.

If you want all 2 XCH, farm solo. You will never get a reward unless you find a block.

If you want more consistent rewards, farm to a pool. You get 0.25 XCH for any blocks you find, and your proportional share of any blocks the pool finds.

Pooling User Guide · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki ( is worth a read.


I got 0.25 in my pool when I had farmed about 0.8 xch in the pool. I’m thinking anything more than getting the bonus before you have made 1.75 xch in the pool means you are luckier than average. Does that sound right?


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