Windows 11 and chia gui

I need to know whether chia gui is compatible with windows 11 or not. Or should wait for some time before upgrading?

As a windows tech working for Microsoft, I tell you that all softwares working with Win10 will work under Win11 like a charm.
Windows structure won’t change and the Kernel core are exactly the same. :+1:


Thank you for the answer :+1:

I have been using Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview for a while with Chia GUI and I haven’t noticed any issue.

Should I expect some slow down after installing win 11? You know that every new system is more hungry for memory and cpu. If so, I would go on with win 10. Any idea?
I think my primary attention should be on the access time of the hdd’s? (İ7 10700 10th gen 2.9 GHz 32 ram 15 hdd 135 TB)

I don’t really notice any difference, but I don’t do any real comparison or measurement (It’s still the preview version too). It’d be better to wait for the release version and see what other farmers have said.

From what I read, although windows 11 requires better minimum hardware, the performance for windows 11 is better. But for the Chia farming purpose, It probably doesn’t matter much.