Windows Chia v1.2.11 "logged me out"

Hi, running the standard full node software on Windows and noticed that around 1 am EST on 2/6/22 the software logged me out. Eg., the software went to the “Keys” screen as if it had just started and my wallet had stopped syncing and my node had stopped farming. I thought it was just some crash and restarted. I just noticed the timing of that coincided with the spike in Memspace I see on one of SpacePool’s graphs. Was there another attack on the blockchain during that time?

Small spike.

I have not noticed any issues with my farmer so maybe it’s something on your end? Just checked and my farmer kept on pumping out partials during this time.

Same thing here, after running for weeks with 1.2.11. Now I can’t even sync, something must have happened.

Reviving another old thread to spam the forum?