Windows GUI hack, for the command line-averse

Run Chia gui on whichever machines you want, but to prevent them from connecting and attempting to sync, since you only need your farmer machine to be synced, you can block the app in windows firewall so it cannot sync. It can still plot, however.

I created a rule in “windows defender firewall with advanced security” on each machine I want to use for plotting, but not farming/harvesting so no need for sync.

Its an outbound rule, it blocks TCP local port “all ports”, remote port specific ports “8444”.

This prevents syncing but not plotting.

I am sure there is a command line way to run the plotter, but not the farmer/harvester functions on machines that are just plotting, but I haven’t got into it yet.

I really recommend using the CLI for plotting, it is highly advisable, and not complicated. I strongly dislike the CLI and I plot all the time at the CLI…

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SWARM is really the way to go on Windows. Install pre reqs, update a config file in notepad, and run 4 basic commands.

Give it a shot!

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Thanks guys…

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Yes, that is the one