WINDOWS… I need to mount more drives!

Hello. I’ve run into an issue. I’ve used up all 26 drive letters in windows. I can mount them to folders but then the drives don’t show up on the “My PC” tab in explorer. That annoys me because “My PC” is what I use to check the contents of each drive and make sure there are no issues. Id like to know what other windows people are doing. Are you guys manually entering in each folder to check each individual drive? Is there third party software I should look at? Feel free to shoot out suggestions. All help is greatly appreciated and thank you all in advance.

You can use a tool like treesize free to check the folder contents.

You really are doing things the hard way.

Mount them all in a single folder, then use the recursive plot scan option, you only need the root folder in the config then

If you really need to see what space is on each drive you can use computer management, it doesn’t auto refresh so hit F5 if need be. It’s also possible to set the root folder to show a nice graph of free space on each drive.

Finally you should plot check every drive once full, then note in a spread sheet how many plots are on each drive. Them sum the lot up, and this should equal what is displayed in Chia.

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How to do that? I would like that as well, because I also find it annoying to check ntfs folders for empty space now.

I leave a command prompt window open, and issue the following command:

wmic volume get Capacity, FileSystem, Label, Name, FreeSpace

The above might provide some extraneous file system information. You can clean it up with this command:

wmic volume get Capacity, FileSystem, Label, Name, FreeSpace | find "NTFS" | sort /+63

The above is assuming that your drives are all using the NTFS file system.

The sorting is optional. I like that lists the drive paths alphabetically.

The above will, however, exclude the headings for each column (due to showing only lines containing “NTFS”). So to give me everything that I want, and make it simple, I use a batch file that I named “drives.bat”, and I have the following 3 lines of code:

@echo off
echo Capacity        FileSystem  FreeSpace      Label              Name
wmic volume get Capacity, FileSystem, Label, Name, FreeSpace | find "NTFS" | sort /+63

Note that the spacing for the line with the labels needs to be exact, if you want each heading to line up properly with the output that will get listed below it.

There are probably GUI solutions. But I do not install any 3rd party software on my Chia boxes.

My solution, however, will not accomplish:

My solution just lists the drives, along with some information about each drive. And if you have all of your drives mounted under a single folder (a single branch), it will help with almost any tool to traverse that branch for whatever you are checking.

I just remembered this one:

It is freeware. It does not pester you with any ads (well, my old version leaves me alone), and it just works.

But my version is from 2016. So I cannot speak for how their current version works.
I never upgraded, because my 2016 version is perfect for my usage case.

I do not use it on my Chia boxes (I install no 3rd party software on my Chia boxes). But it is very versatile.
You can have it search for just about anything, and apply filters for just about anything, and sort the results by any listed criteria.

And I believe that it remembers your last search criteria. So if you told it to search all of your drive letters, and any other mounted drives, then the next time you run it, your previous search criteria will still be there.

I am running an old version of the tool, and it has an option to save your search criteria. I never used that feature. But it probably saves whatever configuration you entered, and will allow you to load that configuration for future searches. Presumably, their current version has that same functionality.

Since it is GUI based, you can click around in its results, similar to the way Explorer’s “My PC” behaves.

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Being on this forum, I realize how much I don’t know! Thank you for everyone’s tips and advice!


I’m at work at the moment, but IIRC whilst in the root folder for your drives right click in the headers on the right panel, select more, then scroll down and there are two options, space free will show the free space as a figure, space used will show a graph, but due to size it’s visually not very accurate, unless there is quite a bit of free space.

tnx, will give it a try when I’m home

Just do this and make life easy, and works great…
How to mount hard drive as folder on Windows 10 | Windows Central

I need a couple of pictures please…

Hi, is the option to scan recursively in the GUI? Can’t seem to find it!

What GUI are you running?

Im running 1.8.2 on Windows

In config.yaml

Plots are searched for in the following directories

plot_directories: []
recursive_plot_scan: False # If True the harvester scans plots recursively in the provided directories.
Look at line 201
chia-blockchain/chia/util/initial-config.yaml at main · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain (

Soon :wink:

20 chrs 20 chrs

Just the one picture.

OK, two pictures then.

Computer Management - Disk Management

Good old disk Management

Yep, its so easy to see how much free space there is on each drive.

Some may also not be aware that a drive can be both mounted in a folder and have a drive letter, so if working on a set of drives and prefer letters give them one, then remove the drive letter when done.

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