Windows installed on the same disk you plot on?


My laptop which I will use to plot has 2 nvme slots. I want to buy 2x 970 pro or 980 pro. But if I do that I need to set my Windows into the one plotter disk. Does it create any problems? Or do I have any solution for that?

PS: My laptop is GE75 8SF with 8750H and 32gb ram

that’s a no go, don’t put the windows (or any OS) on the same disk you use for plotting.

But I will have no Nvme slots in my laptop I think. So I should go 2TB one disk and default nvme for my OS I think?

yes, you need one disk for your OS

Well… I don’t know that I agree with this. I think it’s OK to have your OS on the same drive you plot on. It’s more ideal to have a dedicated drive for your OS, but if it’s the difference between two NVME channels on a mobo to plot, and one NVME channel on a mobo to plot … you are really crippling your throughput by negating the use of one channel “because OS”.

Just bear in mind that you’re burning through the cells on it over time, so keep an eye on the SMART disk stats.