Windows Staging Drive Script

So I’m new…here, to Chia, to scripts…all of it.

I’ve spent the day reading the forums and have a lot of ideas now and am trying to implement some improvements. Right now I’m using a single nvme drive (I now know I SHOULDN’T have gotten a Firecuda. I’ll be taking care of that tomorrow hopefully). Anyways, I would like to use a staging drive in between the NVME and the final HDD’s. Since I can’t sit at my computer 24/7 monitoring everything, I’d like to setup a script in Windows to monitor the staging drive and then move the plots when they’re completed to the HDD’s. So far this is what I’ve found, but wanted to run it by the experts here.

@echo off 
set "source=D:\plot"
set "destination=\\E:\plotting"
robocopy "%source%" "%destination%" /mov *.plot
timeout /t 30
goto loop

You definitely want it to do the rename process so you do not confuse your farmer. It’s not that big of a deal but you will see a ton of invalid plots reported if you don’t include this step.

Here’s my bat file copied from another thread this came up on.

@echo off
for /r "Y:\" %%G in (*.plot) do ren "%%~G" *.plottmp
move /Y "Y:\*.plottmp" "E:\ChiaPlot\"
for /r "E:\ChiaPlot\" %%G in (*.plottmp) do ren "%%~G" *.plot
PING localhost -n 300 >NUL
goto start

I guess I’ve never seen a plot file name so didn’t realize it needed to be renamed.

I’m not sure the difference, but why use the ping local host for the delay vs the timeout?

Here’s the thread it came from.

Off load your destination to nvme for quicker queues

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