Winning a block

Hello there,
I used to win 2xch every other 30 days or so with 3000 plots but now that I have reached 6000 there is no winning after 60 days even if the gui says that the estimated time to win is 12 days.
Everything looks just fine as far as connections and response times and healthy plots.
Any ideas about the situation?

Could just be bad luck.
Do you check response times manually by searching logs?
If so I’d consider installing something like farmr that will monitor it all for you and put it into an easier to read format and msg you if you go offline.

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I use farmr and everything looks just fine.

I’m assuming you check farmr daily to check response times.

If so it can only be luck.

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I have a long history in bad luck. :joy:
Thank you for your time.:pray:

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Are you solo farming or pool farming? I tried solo for almost 60 days and only won a block once during that time. The GUI gave me an estimate of 15 days. When I finally gave up and re-joined a pool, I won 3 times in the first 5 days. And then another 2 times in the 2 weeks since.

Well that’s just luck, assuming response times and uptime are good and without fault.

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Same here but I know it’s just bad luck. If your response times are good it should eventually hit.

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Having the same problem after I switched the majority of my plots to bladebit plots…

It’s a lottery luck thing.

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It was the same for me. Climbed to 625 TiB and thought I’d be winning way more often. Didn’t win for 130 days or something like that.

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How many xch are you at now out of interest ?

How many block wins, or how many do I have? I went on like a 130 day dry spell with a larger than 500 TiB farm, then won 3 blocks in 2 weeks. I’m currently at 5 block wins now. All were hit while pooling. DEFINITELY thankful for pools!!!

Block wins, really. Interesting to see comparisons.

For sure, the ETW should not be considered like ‘I will win every x weeks’ over the short or even medium term. There are so many poeple experiencing ‘dry spells’ that this is the norm - not a nice smooth win rate with equal spacing of time.

I am on a 378 TiB farm and have 6 wins (12 XCH). So I am probably doing well. When you think that that has been from a zero plot start in June, and adding plots in a linear fashion (more or less) on a daily basis ever since then, luck has been going my way.

I still firmly believe that many casual farmers are not winning blocks they could have won due to latency issues in their whole process (disk speeds, network issues, sync issues etc).