Winning waves i see


through the whole period i’m in since like last summer with my humble resources and having this more like hobby not mentiong of course to become rich one day, anyway.

i can observe these winning waves. let me explain, for me it goes like this. let’s say you’re farming 200tb and ETA for you is pretty close to 1 month. it means you gonna suck for 30-40 days then you will win two-three times in 2 weeks and after that weels start their circle over.

have you experienced something like this?

p/s i’m farming solo. my setup is fine. it has nothing to do with hardware also. just to clearify so you won’t waste your time for answering not asked questions.

If you really wanted to go down that rabbit hole, you could keep track of netspace and difficulty and see how much that affects your payouts over the next few years. The math should add up in the end - volatility is less of an issue with size or time.

Or this could be closer to having a lucky streak in gambling - when you’re hot - you’re hot. It doesn’t have to be math and science. You’re solo farming anyway, it’s part of the thrill.

And I’m in the no blocks club, so I haven’t experienced what you are talking about :cry: .

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I have been plotting and farming since early July 2021. Most of the time on SpacePool, which incidentally has been consistently ahead. I now have won 9 blocks and have a total of 23.75XCH. Better than the 18XCH I would have had with no Pool.
However to answer your question, yes, my block wins have come in bursts:
3 blocks in Oct 2021
2 blocks in Jan 2022
2 blocks in Jun 2022
2 blocks in Aug 2022

My ETW on the Chia GUI says 14 days. SpacePool is paying out at about this rate. Block wins are always playing catch up.

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Hi Iam on solo and my etw is 4/5 days.
7 blocks - Jul 2022
8 blocks - Aug 2022
I’am fine. :innocent:

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