Woohoo lol - Fiber/Speed

After a week of issues with my ISP speed, finally solved , was like I was on an old adsl line with 10Mbps DL and 0.1 Mbps UL …

Apperently the fiber modem itself kinda died partially and had to be replaced , a technician was here all morning checking and doing stuff … and replacing the modem solved it, back to 892Mbps DL and 320 Mbps UL

Now not what my ISP promises but hey I’m again a happy customer, next time gonna call their tech dep first instead of trying to find what went wrong … did cost me a 59 euro to get the technician here but hey worth every cent … as he has been busy all morning to find the issue and it was as simple as replacing the fiber modem :stuck_out_tongue:

Was kinda funny at a point, internet access yes, however according his tools the modem didn’t work at all … so hence he didn’t understand also, replacing and fixed …

edit: the tech guy of my isp tested every fiber cable, even from the street , did some clean dunno what stuff and other things, nothing helped till he replaced the modem with a new one … solved … 4h for 59 euro , that’s cheap lol

Is it your modem, or the ISPs? If the latter you should not have pay as it’s their equipment that was at fault, unless you insisted on a site visit instead of waiting for them to send a new modem like they usually do.

ISP modem, which I bought and was out of warranty anyway … so can’t complain unless I’m missing something now… I had to pay 59 for the tech guy to come over cuz I couldn’t solve it by myself so I still find it a cheap deal and didn’t had to pay for the new modem as far as I know … will see on next month invoice if they did or not added it

Overall I’m happy , and must be that a modem doesn’t die or partially die easy as the tech guy tried for a few hours other stuff to see what went wrong

Back to full speed is a luxery, my response time on plots went down drastical to 5.11 seconds (during the issue) which was unreal and then other stuff started to fail also , which was for me wtf (streaming eg disney+ or netflix didn’t work anymore) … now back to normal not the full speed as they promise but close to :stuck_out_tongue: then again never had their full fiber speed as advertised

edit: oops @Ronski , after re rereading we have the option to buy or rent a modem here from your ISP, when bought you pay a bit less a month for your fiber connection… so in my case thought beneficial

The reason behind the rent/buy is that we have a regulated free market so it’s impossible to force a customer to buy/rent a new modem when switching ISP, sending back old one etc… by law , so a diff ISP modem should work with another ISP without issues

In that case it is good value, we can mostly use our own modems/routers although most ISPs will supply one. I’m with Virgin(Liberty Global) and they force us to use their modem/hub but I run it in modem only mode and use of pfsense. If an engineer comes out to us, it’s free unless the fault is on our equipment, then we can be charged a lot more.