[worldwide] Only $4499/4499€: Selling my Chia Plotter / Server / Farmer (7 minute per Plot with MadMax, Space for up to internal 16 HDDs)


I am selling my Chia Plotter / Server / Farmer. Location is EU but I can ship worldwide via UPS. Price for the listed components is $4499, 4499 Euro or CHF 4499 plus shipping. Payment only via bank transfer. I have Euro, CHF and US bank accounts (wire). Receiver of the parcel(s) needs to id via government issue ID to UPS to receive the item. No crypto or PayPal payments accepted. Not interested in trades.

Buyer gets one session of 2 hours training (via MS Teams) on how to remote control the PC via BMC, connect HDDs, configure Bios etc.

DM me your full address (+ info if residential address or business) for shipping quotes.

Key features:

  • 32 Cores, 64 Threads => 7 minute per Plot with MadMax on Ubuntu via Windows Subsystem for Linux (with optional 512GB RAM + both optional U.2 SSDs in Raid0 Mode)
  • 2x 10G Intel Dual-Ethernet, support link-aggregation for up to 20G Speed
  • Space for up to 16 internal HDDs in the case (14 if you want to use the Server SSDs I sell)
  • Up to a total of 16 SATA SSDs can be connected directly to the motherboard
  • Motherboard has 8x SATA Ports
  • Motherboard has 2x U.2 which can be used to connect 2x U.2 SSDs or 2x 4 SATA HDDs.
  • 8x regular USB 3.0 and 3x USB-C for connecting external HDDs
  • 1500W PSU allows to connect a large number of HDDs and GPU Mining with at least two Geforce 3090
  • PSU is Titanium-certified - High efficiency saves your energy costs
  • PSU comes with many SATA cables, connect your direct-attached storage (DAC) directly to the PSU save save energy costs
  • HDDs in the case are decoupled! Almost no vibrations and noise!
  • Motherboard has 7 PCIe Slots and can take up to 7 graphics cards (perfect for GPU Mining other coins or GPU Plotting)
  • 6 Super Silent System Fans
  • Optional HBA Card allows to connect up to 1024 HDDs via Expander Cards (Expander cards start around $100 on ebay)
  • Optional Servergrade SSDs come with TBW 5.47PB
  • Motherboard allows up to 2 TB of RAM
  • With 8 RAM moduls you get Octa-Channel Mode and up to 4x the Memory Bandwidth you get on consumer mainboards with dual channel mode. This allows super fast Ram Disks and superior plotting times.
  • ECC memory makes sure your plots are not corrupt
  • Super Silent and Living Room compatible as long as you do not put two Geforce 3090 graphics cards into it for GPU Mining. One might be ok noise-vice. :wink:
  • PC can be fully remotely controlled (incl. Bios etc.) via BMC on the Motherboard. You can put it anywhere (basement, far away in a garage) and maintain control it from home, even if windows crashed. You can install windows, use dual-boot remotely and change bios settings this way!


  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX (sWRX8, 3.50-4.20GHz, 32 -Core)
  • be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W ATX 2.51 Netzteil
  • Samsung PM9A1 (2000 GB, M.2 2280), fresh out of RMA and new
  • Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 (165 mm)
  • 2 x Samsung RDIMM 64GB, DDR4-3200, CL22-22-22, reg ECC
  • Fractal Meshify 2 XL Dark (E-ATX, Mini ITX, mATX, ATX)
  • 6 x be quiet! SilentWings 3 High Performance Fans

I sell only the listed components for that pics. Other components you can see on picture but which are not listed, are not part of the offer.

Optional Upgrade for an additional fee:


  • additional 128 GB RAM - 2x Samsung RDIMM 64GB, DDR4-3200, CL22-22-22, reg ECC (+ 359 Euro)
  • additional 256 GB RAM - 4x Samsung RDIMM 64GB, DDR4-3200, CL22-22-22, reg ECC (+ 718 Euro)
  • additional 384 GB RAM - 6x Samsung RDIMM 64GB, DDR4-3200, CL22-22-22, reg ECC (+ 1077 Euro)

HBA Controller Card

  • Broadcom HBA 9405W-16i (+ 599 Euro)

Graphics Card

  • KFA2 GeForce GT 710 (2 GB) (+ 50 Euro)


  • Samsung OEM Datacenter SSD PM9A3 3.84TB U.2, TBW 5.47PB (MZQL23T8HCLS-00A07) (+ 359 Euro)
  • 2x Samsung OEM Datacenter SSD PM9A3 3.84TB U.2, TBW 5.47PB (MZQL23T8HCLS-00A07) (+ 718 Euro)


  • 18TB HDD Seagate Exos X X18 (+ 259 Euro)
  • 2x 18TB HDD Seagate Exos X X18 (+ 618 Euro)
  • 18TB HDD WD Gold (+ 350 Euro)
  • 2x 18TB HDD WD Gold (+ 700 Euro)
  • 1x 14TB HDD WD Gold (+ 220 Euro)

I still have 6x 18TB HDD Seagate Exos X X18, 2x 18 TB WD Gold and 1x 14TB WD Gold left. For 100 Euro you can have the plots and chia keys plus a written agreement that states that I transfer you these information, that I have destroyed my copies for the keys, that will not use the keys nor claim any XCH from the wallets associated with these keys.

If you take all remaining HDDs, you get the plots on the HDDs, keys and the written agreement for free.

For each HDD you buy, I give you a fitting HDD caddy, otherwise I sell caddies for 5 Euro per used caddy and 10 Euro per unused caddy (full retail). Caddies come with screws and bumpers. I should have around 20 caddies for the case type.

You can pickup the item in Switzerland near Zurich but I ship worldwide. Please be aware that you will have to pay import VAT (usually the VAT rate in your country / state on import to countries outside Switzerland and the EU). Also you agree to pay any customs and other import fees if they applicable.

I have the original boxes for all items, but I will not be able to fit them into one parcel with the PC. If you want them, I will have to send them in a (large) second parcel. I can provide you with SATA or SAS cables (that will work with SATA drives and the HBA) for free on agreement. Items are usually max 1.5 years old. Invoices for all items exist but the HBA card.

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Nice choice of case, I have two of the same.

I’d be interested in collecting the hard drives and caddies (collecting from you in Zurich) but I think your prices are unrealistic. The Exos X18 18TB are currently going for 273chf as new from techmania.ch and I’d therefore get the same space for less and with full warranties.
If you decide to drastically lower the price of the drives then please let me know and I’d be happy to discuss.

In any case, I wish you good luck with the sale!


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Check DM.

@everyone else
Be quick or the HDDs and all the other nice stuff will be gone. :wink:

sad to see you go,

Id be interested in the disks as well. Pick up in zurich.
i offer 220 per 18tb disk to buy.

The HDDs won’t be sold at such discounts. Feel free to send serious offers via DM. Please respect that I will only respond to serious offers due to the huge amount of messages.

Btw I have a highly credible ebay account etc. if you prefer to do business via eBay. However, the buyer has to bear the 10% sales commission eBay takes.

my bad, it was just an offer. I didnt mean to insult you.

I wish you good luck with your sale and you can come back to me any time if you change your mind.

Best regards,



1x 18 TB Exos sold today. 5x Exos 18 TB HDDs remain. Plus I have one 18 TB Exos that requires RMA. The replacement will be available for sale in about 4-5 weeks.

All drives I sell have good Smart values. Also, I ship the HDDs in HDD Boxes with extra special cushioning.

Smart Values on request via DM.


All WD Gold 14 TB gone.

Weekend offer

10 percent off on the PC and all components you add to the PC.

If anyone is interested in the HBA. I am willing to sell it, including 4 cables to connect a total of up to 16 SAS or SATA HDDs, for $/€/CHF 499 plus shipping.

The Broadcom Chip the HBA uses is the best on the market.

Regarding the HDDs, 1 refurbished 18 TB Exos with low runtime and 1 18TB Exos that needs RMA left plus the 18 TB WD Gold. All other HDDs sold.

PC and Components still available. Hurry before they are gone as well.


Minimium Characters

PSU is sold. HBA sold. Now I am selling all components of the PC separately.

CPU: 1900
Mainboard: 900
64 GB RAM Modules: 150 each
M.2 SSD 160
U.2 SSD: 330 each
CPU-Cooler: 80
Case: 200
HDD Caddy: 10 each (> 20 available)

€/$/CHF + Shipping

nice CAD,DTP, CAM machine…sell it on Ricardo if you are Swiss…you can get plotting machine <2000chf with same plotting time :wink: you will have hard time to sell it there.

MB costs 1000 new, if lucky you get 60% of what you ask :stuck_out_tongue: