Worth upgrading to RAM disk for plot 2.0?

I realise that we don’t yet know the details of any 2.0 plots & it will be a trade-off between the cost of electricity to replot, potential wear on hardware vs any compression we may achieve.

Guess I’m just wondering about upgrading to a RAM disk (?128gb) which seems to be about £400 in UK.

Current setup;
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x (16 threads)
ASUS ROG Strix X570-F Gaming
GeForce RTX 3070
DDR4 (2 x8GB) 3200mhz
x2 1TB WD Blue NVME drives for plotting (temp 1 &2)

NVMEs are way past their TBW warranty with about 10PiB written & still working fine. Using Madmax & getting about 45min plot times. Have about 7000 k32 plots at present.

GPU plotting is another thought but we know even less about that as a possibility.

Does anyone have a similar setup with a RAM disk? What sort of plot times might I expect if that is the only change I make?

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See here (“Summe in h” => “Summe in min”)

E5-2630 v2 vs E5-2660 v2 into 256 GB RAM

1x E5-2660 v2 vs. 2x E5-2660 v2 into 256 GB RAM

1: Mainboard: Supermicro X9DRi-F => Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards | X9DRi-F
2: RAM: 256 GB => Samsung 8x32 GB PC3L-12800L 4Rx4 ECC M386B4G70DM0-YK04 RAM REG ECC DDR3

3: 1x E5-2630 v2 (6 Kerne / 12 Threds bei 3,1 Ghz)

4: 1x E5-2660 v2 (10 Kerne / 20 Threds bei 3,0 Ghz)
5: 2x E5-2660 v2 (10 Kerne / 20 Threds bei 3,0 Ghz)


By now, you should have noticed a few things:

Plot times do not matter, storage capacity does

Investing as less as possible in the plotter is necessary

GPU plotting won’t be as fast as you hope it is

So, I’d say keep plotting with what you already have, don’t invest more, unless you stumble upon a great deal on 128Gb of DDR. (I have 2 of those for sale, I’m in the E.U. …)


madMAx43v3r Yesterday at 8:08 PM

you may want to hold off on that, I’ll be releasing a compressed format (up to 40%) CPU/GPU farmer + plotter for MMX shortly (binaries only though, sry). 40% more efficient and 29% smaller plots. This will be for MMX coin first. Ideal system would be using DDR3 + PCIe 3.0 + RTX 3060 (Ti) is best bang for buck (256G RAM needed for best performance, 128G RAM + fast SSD works too, but it’s slower). CPU plotting will still be viable but about 10x slower then a GPU. HP Z420 with a 3060Ti and 256G RAM, and it does k32 in 165 sec, for the higher compression levels.

This is copied from Madmax discord this evening. The farmer will be modified to include a dev fee since Chia Team wasn’t playing ball.


Interesting. No drama, most likely no 100 BTX was mentioned, big reputation in chia’s community, yet the same outcome as with NoSSD.


How to do HPZ420 with 256GB ram, sir? My Z420 has eight slot and it takes 8x16GB DDR3 I think it is the max.

You really have to wonder… they won’t pay2play, perhaps … because of the N.I.H. syndrome or ? They can’t do it themselves or they already would have, yet they won’t give a fellow his due. Is their IPO all that matters at this point to them?


ETH didn’t buy ETH mining programs. BTC didn’t buy BTC mining programs, RVN didn’t buy RVN miners, etc.

Chains don’t buy better mining programs it’s always been that way.

And I think we all want Chia to be 100% focused on IPO, Marketing, and acquiring new customers currently. Hoping for a miracle.

PS: Kudos to Jacek for guessing a lot of stuff that has been secret for months.


Yea that Jacek guy is a smart cookie… :star_struck:

8x32gb DDR3

HMT84GL7AMR4C-RD HPE 32GB (1X32GB) 4RX4 PC3-14900L MEMORY (1X32GB) 712384-081 | eBay

If you buy qty 8 offer him $20.00 per dimm and see what they say…

So, 256GB on my Z420. If do madmax all ram in Win10, what is the ram disk size should I set? Thanks!

It all depends on what type of plot you want to make k30 to k34, the bigger the plot the bigger the ram disk needed, I don’t have a chart handy.

So same gains as NoSSD as far as plot size? I understand that plot times are drastically lower.

Thanks bro. I have 32 GB sticks now. HP Z420 does accept 256GB memory, 8 x 32. System boot up is slow. Motherboard must is doing that “memory training” stuff.

Testing all ram mad max now. 244GB ramdisk. All fans in the system are running at max speed. Sounds scary.

quick update

244GB all ram mad max

Very slow. I stopped after 40 minutes into phase 1. Things are not right.

Memory I got is 10600L ddr3.

HMT84GL7AMR4C-RD HPE 32GB (1X32GB) 4RX4 PC3-14900L MEMORY (1X32GB) 712384-081 | eBay

Memory speed you think, sir?

Did you open the link? Read the dims Google the part number if that helps and you have the specs for that memory.


Mine is PC3-10600L

The 128GB set up is PC3-12800R

Speed is fast and slow but I wonder speed would that much difference.

All RAM will run with the speed of the slowest stick.

Did you check your RAM temps? If you are not controlling it, and it goes too high, it will start throttling.