Worth upgrading to RAM disk for plot 2.0?

Must be high. Phase 1 table 1 2 3 speed is good. Then it becomes slow. Thanks for the information! Maybe I should use the 32GB stick on better cooled R720.

From what I read, Z420 may be using 1.5V instead of 1.3V on RAM, and that puts a lot of heat on those sticks. I don’t have that box, so cannot confirm that. Even without that upped voltage, DDR3 RAM runs kind of hot (comparing to DDR4).

For about $20, you can buy a 15-20" fan at the hardware store, open your box, and put that fan next to it. That will do. The bit more expensive is to get few extra 120mm or so fans and put them on zip ties over the RAM.

Before you do that, just check what the temps are (something like HW Monitor (Win) or PSensor (Linux)).

L memory works on Z420. I have one Z420 running with 16GB stick of L ram. It runs cool and very stable.

Maybe 32GB L is just not fit well.

Z420 CPU = E5-2696V2, 128GB ram, ram disk T2. Samsung 970 evo as T1. 42-43 minutes a plot. I should be happy with the performance, considering the setup is cheap.

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Your box with 256 GB RAM and 3060 ti will do k32 plots in ~3 mins with MM v2. :slight_smile: Also, you could use a lower power CPU for that.

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what what what MM v2?

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The next version of Madmax Software, coming to a PC near you soon!!!

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Shuuush! …please for the love of plotting …shuuush!


With all this going on. I need a coffee…

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I honestly care less about the speed, but if we can use the official client. I get the part about understanding compressed plot requires some code changes, but also, for safety, chia should get their hands on a compressed plot, too… otherwise, fewer people would use the official client.

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To my knowledge Chia doesn’t want everyone to use the client they released its just an example to get the ball rolling. The community is supposed to make its own wallets, plotters, farmers, nodes, etc. The exact same way BTC, ETH, and other chains worked. Chia Network isn’t going to try to crush its own community’s developments.

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its just an example to get the ball rolling. The community is supposed to make its own wallets, plotters, farmers, nodes, etc. The exact same way BTC, ETH, and other chains worked. Chia Network isn’t going to try to crush its own community’s developments.


Enlighten me. Given that price is flat. Really flat. Completely flat. Pancake flat. Then I do always wonder, plotting wise, the rush is what exactly? The hurry is what? You have unlimited capital to invest in hard drives and if you had access to 10% of the global storage you would fill all that up too? I don’t get it. The debates about plotting baffling me to no F end. Fun? I get that. Boredom could do that I suppose. Not much else to do, so let’s plot so fast that we bottleneck everything else in the process but spend tons of money while doing it. Like say, using a $1,000 GPU to plot really fast. Because why?

Edit: The real discussion when it comes to plotting is who can spend the least, get the fastest plots on the cheapest, oldest hardware known to man. Making use of hardware that is due for landfills or melting. Thus, people who are not reducing inventory of current hardware causing the demand for increased hardware manufacturing. That is what Chia should be promoting. This circle jerking fastest plot stuff is for the birds or people who love to throw money around without care and frankly have little clue about what green or reuse actually means. Chia has zero leadership on this. Oh well.

And look at where those other chains are today, so yes change is good.

At least we (now) know why the OG plotter & sw was (and still is) such a piece of $&#* - It’s just an example??? So everyone but Chia, Inc. was supposed to be doing all the development heavy lifting for them I guess :roll_eyes: …how pretentious.


There’s a reason Chia often doesn’t name its products or calls it a “reference”.

The original cpu miner program for ETH/BTC wasn’t exactly gold either. It’s pretty good that the OG plotter is still in the same league as the community made ones.

Chia’s goal is network adoption. Us competing for the most space has nothing to do with that and it surprises me they’ve spent as much time as they have on farming. Compared to the ETH core devs and their treatment of miners, Chia Network is awesome to farmers.

Feels like none of you have ever been to the ETH core dev discord back when gpu mining was a thing. They didn’t want miners in their discord, at least Chia wants us on keybase.

  1. How much VC money did ETH core, etc. got?
  2. There is that chia grant program to promote third party efforts, do you know how much Max, Gil, Guy Davis, Martin Mihaylov got? The third-party software side looks like graveyard
  3. It is so refreshing to see those great tweets encouraging new devs to contribute to the ecosystem.
  1. Well they first sold off the pre-mine for $1 an ETH in BTC. Chia Network’s way has decreased surplus XCH in the market which is arguably better for farmers.

  2. I actually do know a little of how that works having gone through some steps of the program. They do their due diligence. Crypto has a reputation for throwing money everywhere and Chia has not done that. I mean, we wouldn’t want them to go Alameda and just start throwing their investors money at things. This has led to Chia doing more/faster work on the wallet than I think they planned but also their plans have changed based on large clients (carbon registry). Most networks use solidity which means everything on ETH gets ported over so it looks like they are developing fast when its just copy+paste, Chia needs projects that are self-funded and those will only happen when the network gets busy. I’m not a developer myself so I just assume there are reasons Chia choose Chialisp despite this leading to large barriers for developer entry.

  3. I do feel like Chia can/should do more to get things on chain and teach devs Chialisp. That being said, they likely plan to do so after IPO. Obviously they are doing much better than many projects post FTX collapse. I do think their communication and support for non-Chia network devs/companies is lacking. That being said, you obviously trust your inhouse stuff more than external and a lot of projects have rugpulled/collapsed so they may be focusing on doing it themselves first before focusing on the community.

I would argue this. Their intentions were clearly to kill any independent development by copying/stealing/replicating everything in the core. You Chris have always praised Chia inc for this.

Besides employees what have they copied or stole? I’m not aware of anything.

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I will - for me it was important once and it is important now. First was at start when chia was pricey and I was catching up with the growing network. Second time is now as I am farming OG plots and I am in the certain situation that does not allow me to flawlessly transition to NFT/NFTcompressed. I want the downtime to be no longer than half a month for the farm my size until I start partially but reasonably farming the new farm. I agree though - except these rather rare situations the plotting speed isnt that big of a deal.