Worth upgrading to RAM disk for plot 2.0?

Its really not though is it.

How exactly ? Not increasing is entirely different to decreasing.

ETH did a large selloff so that what farmers made was like a % of the whole. Chia kept it all so what farmers make is 100%.

21 mill premine certainly does not equal farmers making 100% !

And my point was decreasing ( to me anyway ) implies a burn which is necessary for a decrease.

Not increasing in certain ways is different.

Veey dependant on pov i suppose.

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manual from HP:

they say its only 64, but you say 256GB works. is that right?

which version of Z420 do you have?
is that this one:

so its can work with 128GB and 256GB not only with 64 what HP claims?

I have several Z420. There are V1 V2 version. V1 version does not support Xeon V2 CPU.

Both takes 128GB memory. Must be 2Rx4 ECC registered. 16GB module.

V2 takes 256GB ( have not tried on V1). Must be 4Rx4 ECC registered, L version. 32GB module.

With 256GB, the system automatically sets all fan speed at maximum. It sounds scary.

This is maybe the cheapest 256GB system one can buy now.