Wrong Plot Count

Hi All, i’ve 500TiB on plots and all of a sudden my plot count is stating less than 300TiB - I’ve upgraded to the latest version and also reboot my Windows machine - Help

First thing I would check is whether the Chia client is looking at all of your plot directories.

This can be done in the GUI, the config.yaml, or by use of chia plots show.

If all your plot directories are not being farmed by Chia you can fix this through the GUI Plots Tab and add plot directories. It can also be done manually by correctly editing the config.yaml.

Thank you. Yes they are all there. I notice if i try and add or even remove one of them the system hangs

Try this thread:

In your case I might suggest turning the Chia GUI and all of its processes off, and then editing the config.yaml to correctly reflect your plotting drives as shown in the above link. You might want to delete all of the entries under the plot_directories: heading and add them back manually.

If you wish to delete them in the config.yaml and then re add them using the GUI, make sure you wait until the last directory you added shows up before you start to enter the next one. Do not mistake this sometimes long pause for a hang. Be patient. Sometimes changing tabs will bring your last add up in the list when you look again.

Either way, once correctly edited you should have all of your plots back.

If not, I’ll be happy to help you dig deeper. :smiley: