Wrong Plotting?

I just want to do pooling.
Why do I have different plots?
Is this a problem?

When plotting you have 2 options:

Use “Farmer public key”+ “Pool public key”
(this is the original/old plot format and cannot be used with a pool, only solo farming)

Use Farmer public key" + “Pool contract address”
( this is the new format that allows you to farm with a pool)

So only your plots that show “pool contract address” can be used to farm with a pool.

So in short: I gave wrong addresses on the CLI.
In other words, these are SOLO plots and not pool plots.
I almost thought so… well… fortunately there aren’t many. Once re-plot ^^

yes and yes :sweat_smile:

So you want to use -f and -c (and not -p)

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Tilt… -c = works