WTB 3.5inch SATA JBODs [EU/Poland]

I have around 70 drives (10tb+) and can’t find cheap JBODs for them. Does anyone (nearby) have spare cheap JBODs to sell ?

Ebay, always has deals you have to shop!!!

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On Ebay sometimes you can find them by searching by model number instead if you can find a few common types like ‘MDS600’

They are rarely cheap, sellers asking up to £1000 isn’t uncommon

Yep Big money $$$$$$
EMC CYAE DS60 4U 60 Bay LFF SAS3 12Gbs JBOD Storage Expander w/60 caddy Rail Kit | eBay

lol, thats quite expensive :sweat_smile: I build my own

On ebay there are mostly US deals. Also i wouldn’t call 60 bay for 1000 pounds a cheap JBOD.
I have bunch of EMC KTL (15 bay) for 70$, one netapp 4246 (24 bay) for 180$ and a lot of HP msa70 (25 bay 2.5 inch) for 60$. I’m looking for JBODs in those ranges (x2 wouldn’t be that bad).
I also have 5x nexsan E60, however it turned out it doesn’t support large drives :frowning: happy to sell that if anyone needs it.

Someone is selling 30 hard drives on ebay. In the EU. Germany to be more precise. And near the Polish border. You can definitely go there.



Or 18tb (saves electricity)

400€ per 18TB HDD? Come on guys! I would advise to check common prices in Germany first…


I live in South Florida USA, the last time i was in Munchen was 1994 :crazy_face: :crazy_face: So I can’t help.


I can get brand new 18tb ones here for <300 including tax

I know that for months…:slight_smile:

hmmm… actually the 400 € are cheap.
They are new in Germany for 500€ in the PRICE SEARCH MACHINES!!! inside.

It’s just an enterprise hard drive… and not a desktop hard drive.
What is that for a model where you get 18TB for 300 in tax?

Folks, if it isn’t clear, I’m looking for JBOD (disk shelf). I already have drives.


yes… I saw it later when I read your post again.

JBOD is not hard drive cages :wink:

nope, definitely not cheap.

I suggest the following consideration:
You want to buy a small car for doing occasional shopping trips. You see a ferrari for 20% off.
Originally you wanted a small city car but ended up with a cheap ferrari. Is that cheap?

I get Seagate Enterprice and Toshiba Enterprice drives for 270-300.

It depends on how you define an enterprise grade HDD and what are your parameters for evaluation. For me it can be e.g. defined MTTF (by Toshiba) or MTBF (by Western Digital) + rated annual workload.

Toshiba [1] says 2.500.000 hours, 550TB p.y.
WD [2] says 1.000.000 hours, 300TB p.y

I want to compare apples with apples, do you have an objection with above? If not, what is the more ‘enterprise’ drive from those above for you by this metrics? Toshiba price in Germany might be your homework…

My 2c,

[1] https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/content/dam/toshiba-ss-v3/master/en/storage/product/data-center-enterprise/MG09_Product_Overview_rev.1.pdf
[2] https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/product/internal-drives/wd-red-pro-hdd/product-brief-western-digital-wd-red-pro-hdd.pdf

muhahhaaa… never again SEAGATE. I used to have them… and they turned out massive. In 2016 they even had a class action lawsuit because of massive failures. Almost every 2nd HDD has failed in a short time.

Ask yourself why they offer free restores (when a hard drive has failed).

Toshiba is from Japan. I have my own opinion on this, which I won’t say now :wink:
WDC is USA. It’s good

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Toshiba are power guzzlers. In the CHIA environment, it’s all about “GREEN IT”. Only if they consume about 20% more than the competition… then I don’t need 550TB p.y.
In the CHIA environment = 10-20TB/1-10 days

Well im not a fan of the seagates either but give the toshiba a shot :slight_smile: They are a little slower than the WD`s and have less cache but for chia farming its enough.

most importantly, they seem sturdy and reliable
→ ill buy a wd and measure the power. Then we know for sure

MG09ACA18TE - Idle 4.16W, Work: 8.35W. I think pretty comparable to WD Red Pro especially Active Idle where the drives sit most of the time.