WTS 400 Chia plots with 2 private keys based on dedicated servers

I want to finish with Chia because I need this servers for another project. Selling all my 400 plots with 2 secret keys (156+244) based on 3 dedicated servers. If someone want to buy it - I will send all keys and share files on dedicated servers (all servers with 1 Gbps public and unlimited bandwidth, 2 in EU, 1 in Canada). Servers will be online until 22 June, then I will wipe it away :slight_smile:

Email: tremoter19@gmail.com
Price: I think that $1.5 per plot will be normal (BTC/ETH payments)

Iā€™m a small hosting provider so I can show you my website and forums which Iā€™m administrating if you want to check if you can trust me