XCH and Chia weekly update

As always, Thank-you XCHweekly for the great update!

Chia stats:

Price and Trading:

\ 550x340.7518796992481

End-user community

\ 550x233.8124054462935

Developer community

\ 550x185.29862174578867

*Note: Friday close is 1pm PT. Other stats are pulled Friday between 1pm PT and 10pm PT.

Chia (the company) news:

  • JM released a post about farming with zoned storage. “This technology enables higher capacity drives at similar cost and power, with tradeoffs that work well with farming.” [more]
  • J. Eckert released a post summarizing the Chia Developer Challenge from a few weeks back. [more]
  • Chia released a third version of their 1.3 beta software. [more]

Ecosystem news:

  • The Chia Plot wrote about Chia’s nearing climate warehouse deployment. [more]
  • Green Wings Compassion announced that they would be integrating Chia CATs and NFTs into their offering. [more]
  • Space Marmots provided an update on the project. They’ve been hard at work. [more]
  • Hashgreen continued to list more tokens.
  • Goby wallet broke 10k users.
  • XCH Gallery is hosting a European happy hour on Sunday. [more]

Other relevant Chia news:

  • Chia has some sizable (relatively) price and volume spikes this week. Many in the community speculate that this means large buyers accumulating.
  • Chia got a small mention in a Cointelegraph article**.** [more]
  • Dust storms continued this week. Chia hummed along smoothly (provided a given transaction includes a fee). This chain is a beast. [more]

Thanks for this.

Ps. I got Rick rolled but with Sandstorm?? Haha. What do you call that?

Calling that dust storms is a bit of an exaggeration. There were two short peaks at about 1/10th of the level of those from December. Also, the elevated noise is at 1/50th of December. The first storm in November was maybe 10x higher than that December one.

However, with that slightly elevated level there are nodes that are already being affected. As currently syncing speed is directly related to 1. a single core performance, 2. media that blockchain db sits on, 3. number of connected peers, it implies that currently not much is needed to get more nodes getting hit and there is not much headroom to have a stable node.

Thank you, appreciate you mentioning Green Wings Compassion!

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New to chia, the chia offers in the newsletter I tried to view gives

what do I do wrong? is it a puzzle I have to solve? :sweat_smile:

Reply back to them. They are very helpful and responsive. Give it a try.

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