XCH & Chia news

TY to XCH Weekly for the update :slight_smile:

Chia Stats:

Price and Trading:

  • $XCH Price @ Friday close: $80.85 (↓ $1.33 / 1.6% w/w)
  • 24-hour $XCH volume @ Friday close: $11.6M (↓ $2.4M / 17.1x% w/w)
  • CATs listed on Spacescan: 406 (↑ 142 / 53.8% w/w)
  • CAT transactions on Spacescan: 727k (↑ 293k / 67.6% w/w)

End-user community

  • Twitter followers: 83,549 (↑457 / 0.5% w/w)
  • Reddit subscribers: 45,585 (↑ 20 / 0.04% w/w)
  • Keybase members: 20,576 (↑39 / 0.2% w/w)
  • Coinmarketcap watchlists: 78,588 (↑904 / 1.2% w/w)

Developer community

  • Github stars: 10,341 (↑44 / 0.4% w/w)
  • Github watchers: 353 (↑1 / 0.3% w/w)
  • Chia Dev Forum users: 130 (n/a, first week tracked)

*Note: Friday close is 1pm PT. Other stats are pulled Friday between 1pm PT and 10pm PT Friday.

Chia (the company) news:

  • Chia launched a developer forum at developers.chia.net. Awesome to have a forum-style environment to discuss building on chia. [more]
  • Chia launched their 1.3 beta software. This includes lots of performance improvements and folds the light wallet into the full node. Chris at The Chia Plot wrote a solid overview. [more]

I have been looking around for a spot that helps me find the latest Chia news. I thought a thread on here would be a great place for people to post links to articles they find. I was going to create a new thread but this one has the perfect title and seems to have gone dead, so here we go.

Apparently Chia has released their NFT standard. So 3 new articles have been published.

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Latest article on The Chia Plot

Latest articles on chialinks.

Well, the system will not let me keep posting if nobody replies. So I’ll add these here:

Two more articles (that mention Chia) on ChiaLinks.


Did not find anywhere what size these new Samsung AMD-Powered SSD are. Just think a 30TB SSD for $300.00, maybe when chia version 4.5.2 is released and we will all be in wheelchairs :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Three new articles about the new IFC & Aspiration partnership.


Credit to Chialinks.com/news

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Isn’t that like Thomas Goodbye “Chow”

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I think it is interesting that the last job he was at he led an IPO. Hopefully that is showing their commitment to going public in the near future.

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That is quite interesting statement. PubMatic was started in 2006 by four founders (he was not one of those). He joined in 2018, basically when all the core technology was already up and running for quite long time (company was most likely already working on an IPO when he joined, and he was hired to help on the legal side). From PubMetic’s bio section - “He joined PubMatic as general counsel in 2018, where he oversees the company’s global corporate, commercial, intellectual property and legal affairs.” Looking at SEC’s, the first docs were filed in Aug 2020, what kind of implies that his only task before that was to prepare company from the legal side for that IPO.

I guess, what is missing in that statement is that he led the legal side of the IPO, what is kind of obvious (being hired as general counsel). Otherwise, it really doesn’t make much sense to have such broad statement.

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Compliance is a major part of an IPO. If I had to guess, it is probably equal to the finance piece. Either way, he was there for the IPO so it is good to have someone with first hand recent experience in that area. IMO.

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Yes, compliance is important or rather critical, as no one wants to let obvious frauds go through an IPO process. However, similar to NDA, or any other legal documents, the corporate legal side is based on documents that are mostly already out there. Although, it sure looks like black magic to most of us.

The point I tried to make is that using that original broad statement (from Chia’s release), virtually everyone who worked for a company during the IPO process can claim to lead such company through the IPO. On the other hand, that statement is not in his bio for that company.

I agree with your second part about him having relevant experience (IPO of tech company, and also just recently).

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#2 on the list!