XCH & Chia news

TY to XCH Weekly for the update :slight_smile:

Chia Stats:

Price and Trading:

  • $XCH Price @ Friday close: $80.85 (↓ $1.33 / 1.6% w/w)
  • 24-hour $XCH volume @ Friday close: $11.6M (↓ $2.4M / 17.1x% w/w)
  • CATs listed on Spacescan: 406 (↑ 142 / 53.8% w/w)
  • CAT transactions on Spacescan: 727k (↑ 293k / 67.6% w/w)

End-user community

  • Twitter followers: 83,549 (↑457 / 0.5% w/w)
  • Reddit subscribers: 45,585 (↑ 20 / 0.04% w/w)
  • Keybase members: 20,576 (↑39 / 0.2% w/w)
  • Coinmarketcap watchlists: 78,588 (↑904 / 1.2% w/w)

Developer community

  • Github stars: 10,341 (↑44 / 0.4% w/w)
  • Github watchers: 353 (↑1 / 0.3% w/w)
  • Chia Dev Forum users: 130 (n/a, first week tracked)

*Note: Friday close is 1pm PT. Other stats are pulled Friday between 1pm PT and 10pm PT Friday.

Chia (the company) news:

  • Chia launched a developer forum at developers.chia.net. Awesome to have a forum-style environment to discuss building on chia. [more]
  • Chia launched their 1.3 beta software. This includes lots of performance improvements and folds the light wallet into the full node. Chris at The Chia Plot wrote a solid overview. [more]

I have been looking around for a spot that helps me find the latest Chia news. I thought a thread on here would be a great place for people to post links to articles they find. I was going to create a new thread but this one has the perfect title and seems to have gone dead, so here we go.

Apparently Chia has released their NFT standard. So 3 new articles have been published.

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Latest article on The Chia Plot

Latest articles on chialinks.

Well, the system will not let me keep posting if nobody replies. So I’ll add these here:

Two more articles (that mention Chia) on ChiaLinks.


Did not find anywhere what size these new Samsung AMD-Powered SSD are. Just think a 30TB SSD for $300.00, maybe when chia version 4.5.2 is released and we will all be in wheelchairs :joy: :joy: :joy: