XCH selling strategy

Questions for those people who don’t plan to HODL everything. How do you plan to sell of your XCH?
I already sold enough to convert my expenses, and I am thinking about selling anything else to cover any additional costs.

I was thinking about checking miners strategies from other coins, I am curious how they balance risks / reward because IMHO we are in bull market (not sure how long) so it make sense to hedge your risks

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There is some info in this topic

But I’d love to read specific written step by step from anyone who has actually sold XCH…

I am more interested in risk management strategy, but if you are asking about just selling it’s rather simple.

  1. Register on okex.
  2. Add ID number (no need for photo, and they don’t check validity in case you are worried about hack)
  3. Deposit XCH
  4. Move XCH from funding to trading account
  5. Sell for USDT
  6. Movie to Coinbase using ERC20-USDT

Ofc I realize this might be problematic in case you are from US :confused:


I did the same thing on Gate, and didn’t run into any issues (US based). Though I did end up hitting about $30 in fees (Gate → Coinbase → Cash)


Yeah I think it’s sort of pinky promise type of situation. And you get about 18$ fee for withdrawal for okex, which I think covers ETH transaction