xch_target_address was changed!

I’ve been farming for a very, very long time and finally won 2 XCH!
2021-08-24T21:18:09.150 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 1 plots were eligible for farming 76faaa3813… Found 1 proofs. Time: 0.62273 s. Total 140 plots
But my wallet shows 0 XCH.

I started looking for the problem and it turned out that I received a reward to my old wallet that I created for testing and never used. I deleted this wallet a long time ago.
It turned out that the program wrote this address into .chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml xch_target_address, but why? I have never touched this file!
I am using chia CLI in Linux, command ‘chia wallet show’ shows my current address. How could I know that xch_target_address was changed?
It’s just not fair.
Maybe the devs can help me? I can provide all information from my OS

This issue is known. Whatever address was in there first, stays in there and you have to manually change it. I found this problem out when I started flax. I created a new address, then logged into my address with Chia pneumonics. Luckily, for that situation, I kept the new address I created and did not delete it. If you don’t have the pneumonics to the original account you created, you are out of luck. I ensured the payout address in config matched up to the payout address of my account I am using. Sorry man, I think you are out of luck if you don’t have those pneumonics.

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Mnemonics…pneumonics is lung related :wink:

But yes the big question here is do you still have the seed phrase of that first wallet you created? That way you could easily recover it.

Only other possibility would be that the old private key is still stored in your os somehow but then it should also be showing up in the Chia app I suppose.
In any case that might be something worth asking on keybase if you dont have the seed phrase anymore

Also I find it ridiculous that something like this could happen and the app doesn’t automatically enter a new wallet address when you reinstall with fresh keys.

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