XCH User Transaction Fees

Just won a block and got this fee, never happened before

What is this?

XCH User Transaction Fees

##### 0.000001001

At wallet tab transaction amount is 0,250001001

That is the future. What the true income of farming will be one day. Someone paid a transaction fee (currently by choice) when they transferred XCH. That transaction ended up in the block that you won. Per the rules, the farmer that finds the block gets the transaction fees it contains. Someday, that amount will be bigger than the actual award for finding the block.

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So there is nothing to worry about?

What do you think there is to worry about? You got more money.

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Yeah right and then someday they’ll comeby :male_detective: :female_detective:

Why do you think the transaction fee will one day be more than the block reward ?

Because each block could hold thousands of transactions and once transaction fees are a standard thing, the fees could easily top the reward. Just think if XCH usage was as common as a debit card transaction. How many tens of thousands of transactions would there be per block? Chia has said they plan to make the system capable of 1 million transactions per second. Which would be needed if it ever wants to become a standard currency. (BTW, interesting fact, Bitcoin is capable of 7 transactions per second, Chia is currently capable of 20 per second)

oh wow okay I didnt think of it like that… thats pretty awesome haha.

i won 0,250001 transaction fees in one block. and 0.25 block reward too

People generally associate fees with expenses. When you get a statement, that has fees, it is what you must pay.

With Chia’s GUI, those fees are the other side of the coin. Those fees are earnings.

Chia’s GUI should point out that those fees are income for the user, and not deductions. Maybe label them “XCH User Transaction Fee Earnings”? Or have a bubble appear when you hoover over the field, that explains the fee.

Perhaps it is clear to others? I just know that when I got that fee, I originally thought I got hit with a fee, and later determined that I was paid a fee.

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How do you win a 0.25 reward?
I thought that Chias were rewarded in twos?

The reward is split up in 0.25XCH + Fees farmerreward and 1.75XCH poolreward. When you are selfpooling you get both.

I am familiar only with solo farming, which pays rewards at 2.0, each.

Are you saying that for pooling, some folks are paid 0.25 rewards (or fees), and others are paid 1.75 rewards?

What determines whether you qualify for the 0.25 reward, or you qualify for the 1.75 reward?

Also, I recall reading that pooling rewards were very, very small.
0.25 and 1.75 is not small.

0.25 for the Farmer and 1.75 for the pool. In the case that you are not part of a pool the 1.75 are kept in your plotNFT until you claim it. The 1.75 are split among the pool members.

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Is this fee bigger from OG plots in comparsion to NFT(solo) ?

No, the same.You get the fees other users spent for a transaction added to your 0.25XCH farmerreward.

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If you’ve been receiving 2.0 XCH as a single transaction then something is wrong, solo it’s always been two transactions 0.25 and 1.75, I remember winning my first block and wondering why it came in like that.

I got 2.0 chia, + some microscopic fee.

How can I see whether my 2.0 XCH win was a single transaction, or two transactions that add up to 2.0?

What did you see that conveyed to you that you got two separate transactions?

On Chia I won two blocks before going on a pool, on both occasions there are two transactions for each block win, split 1.75 and 0.25. This is the same behaviour as all the alt coins, it is split pool reward and farmer reward. If solo farming you get both as two deposits into you’re wallet.

Where do you see that?

All I see is my XCH go up by 2.

Where do you see two transactions?