XCH Weekly and Chia Update

Thanks to the team at XCHweekly. Great info.

It’s been yet another week of crypto doldrums across the industry. Prices in general are sideways to a bit down. Looking beyond price, it seems Chia is a bit behind on new ecosystem entrants, as the Chia Stats section below shows (e.g. a net negative change in Reddit subs this week). This is understandable since the Chia team has been focused on launching primitives (e.g. offers), processes (CHIPs), docs (docs.chia.net), and forums (developers.chia.net) to be able to attract and support an onslaught of devs. Now it’s time to grow and I think it’s safe to assume the team has an ace up their sleeve to grow the community soon. Don’t forget that it’s also up to us, as the community, to do everything we can to help spread awareness.

P.S. would love feedback from readers on whether you like the new format for the Chia stats section. Once I have more data, I’ll include stats for the trailing six weeks. At some point I may add charts.

Read on for the update!

Chia stats:

Price and Trading:

\ 550x286.104513064133

End-user community:

\ 550x283.37236533957844

Developer community:

\ 550x225.70754716981133

*Note: Friday close is 1pm PT. Other stats are pulled Friday between 1pm PT and 10pm PT.

Chia (the company) news:

  • Announced the CHia Improvement Proposal process (CHIPs), “a formal document for improving Chia’s protocols, procedures, tooling, design decisions, or really anything related to Chia.” [more]
  • Released an updated 1.3 beta v2. According to Chia: “No major new features from beta 1, but ongoing improvements to some of the existing stuff was added. You should see the version number “1.2.12dev284” for this latest build.” [more]
  • JM presented on PoST and self plotting drives at SNIA (the Storage Networking Industry Association) webinar titled “Why Cryptocurrency and Computational Storage?”. [more]
  • Bram mentioned on Twitter that the BLS standard used by Chia to generate keys has been updated, and that Chia cannot incorporate this update to their project without potential issues. After a lively discussion it seems that this may actually be a non-issue. That said, there is now risk of a lingering question around whether this could be a reason that Chia still isn’t supported by major US exchanges. Let’s hope that’s not the case. Chris at The Chia Plot wrote a solid explanation, and I’d recommend checking it out.

Ecosystem news:

  • Goby launched v0.0.6 of their wallet, which includes dApp support, “accept offer” functionality (try out at offerpool.io) and some minor UI improvements. [more]
  • Project Ayven released more info about their project, describing it as “an upcoming 3D #NFT collection on #Chia :seedling:. Dive into the mysteries of this world, solve puzzles, trade, and play&earn; Own what you build”. [more]
  • There were a few more dust storms this week, that caused zero fee transactions to take longer than normal. Nucle mentioned that they’ll likely build in a minimum fee so that this doesn’t effect their users. Others will likely follow.
  • Catmos was listed on Hashgreen and utilized their new trading API to dynamically list offers for their token. [more]
  • Hashgreen alluded to liquidity staking in a Q&A with The Poor Investor. They also added Chinese and Spanish language support and a few more tokens to their platform this week.
  • Digital Spaceport released a great video with an overview of the many great Chia community resources available. We even got a shoutout :-).
  • Kyle Decentral hosted a US Chia happy hour. Listen to a recording here.
  • Another European happy hour is happening this Sunday. Follow XCH Gallery for more info.

Other relevant Chia news:

  • Community member Austin posted a great Twitter thread on what he thinks will help grow the Chia ecosystem.
  • The Co-founder and CTO of Stably responded to Austin’s thread with some commentary on where Stably plans to help improve on/off-ramps for Chia. While they have some great plans, it sounds like improvements will take several months to a year to realize (from Stably). This highlights the risk of partnering with such a small startup for a crucial ecosystem piece.

Now the most important part: offers!!!

We have 306 subscribers now, an increase of 57 over last week. We’re still including 0.005 $XCH per new subscriber (for now) so this means that we’re adding offer files for 0.285 $XCH.