XCHPool - Strangeness and questions

Hi Everyone,

Anyone here using the pool XCHPool? I signed up with them at the beginning of July. My farm is not large compared to most. I am mining a little over 2000 Pool NFTs. My total space is around 380 TB, and I have been re-plotting from solo to Pool plots for some time. I will likely complete my replotting effort sometime in September. So I am mining hybrid currently, as I replace my solo plots.

I had a strange thing happen on the pool yesterday evening. My current time to win for my pool plots is around 1 month. In the past with solo plotting I have had very good luck generating a number of wins. I had my first pool win at Height 697,666. As expected I received my 0.25 Chia.

Oddly XCHpool is not reporting the block win on their pool explorer page. They list wins at: 697616 and at 697693. I was surprised to not find my win in the pool list. Now if this was a solo plot that won, I would have expected a second payout of 1.75 as I have seen in the past.

So here is why I am approaching you dear friends. I have been watching XCHPool’s pay outs and they feel light. Obviously I am growing, and when I am moving plots I can force some of my partials to go stale, but I have been averaging 96.7% accept rate in my GUI. Part of the problem with XCHPool is that their reporting seems to be crap. Anyone else mining on this pool? Anyone have an opinion on the pools performance? I am just a hobby farmer, so I don’t know much about much. I just feel like I am missing something, or that there is something odd.

Are there better pools I should look into?


I am happy with spacepool and poolharvest.

I haven’t been actively monitoring them I would say they seem competent but obviously they are new to running a pool. It could be that they failed to load the block win on their website, it has happened to us rarely and we usually get a message from one of our members and fix the error (it worked on the backend but didn’t end up on the website as some weird bug). I’d say best place to inquire is their discord.

For pool reporting pages I’d suggest checking out ours and Space’s as an example below. In the end there are a lot of good pools out there and nothing really ties you to one, pick the one you like best. Fees range from 0-1% for everyone I believe so there’s little difference between them besides some having extra/custom software and webpages.

Here’s one of our stat pages:

Here’s one of space’s stat pages:

Trace it bsck thru ur log file. Same thing happened to me and when i traced it back it was a different block then what the gui said. The pool i was in had it right.

The pool doesn’t display the block which you won, they display the block in which they received the 1.75 xch (this will be a few blocks later). I have seen steady payments that are proportional to the luck of the pool, there were some big luck days and some low luck days in the past week, payouts ranging from .002 per 100 plots on the lowest day to .0035 per 100 plots on the biggest day so far.

Not cool to advertise on this kind of thread for another pool…

what @gryan315 says is the correct answer :slight_smile:

we don’t display the farmed block heighht, instead we display the block height where the pool claimed the reward… always a few blocks beyond the farmed height


I farmed with both spacepool and xchpool for a few weeks, and yes spacepool has better reporting, but in the end I moved both my plotnfts to xchpool because they just paid more with the same amount of plots and to me that is what counts (and getting some help when you need it, which is also harder with too large pools)

At the same time I am trying out other pools with a third plotnft, might report back later when I have more info on them :slight_smile:

With regard to 0.002 per 100 this is consistent with my experience. Thank you for sharing. Very helpful.

I have mined Bitcoin for many years, and I have a number of miners running. Around 21 depending on wat is in need to repair at any time. Bitcoin pools have been running for a very long time, have extremely robust discussion groups on bitcointalk.org and I miss that transparency with many of the Chia pools. i realize in no uncertain terms that Chia pools are new, and have only been around for a short time, but permanent threads for the pools that the operators frequent, and transparency in reporting in the form of no dead links on web pages, or empty tables, and the ability to bookmark your personal statistics feel like table stakes to me. I hope we will see some of these pools mature and improve over time.

With some of the crap I’ve seen you post in the past, you should probably be the last one trying to call anyone out.

Done, we had a very old pool announcement thread from 2020 so best to make a new one, thanks.

Thanks Chris. I think it will go a long way.

Hi i have a question not related to that thread but related to XCHpool i have 2 nft on XCH because i signed in to xch pool before the official protocol and then when i upgraded my chia client that nft disapearedso got another one.2 days a go i built a new rig and when i installed the client on it got back that old nft . My question is can i move my plots from one nft to another within the pool?

Plots are created with the nft, and are forever tied to the nft used to create them.