Your long term strategy for mid size farm

Hi, what do you plan to do over the long term? At certain point I won’t plot anymore so size of my farm will go relatively down. I have a sizable farm so repotting for pools seems daunting. I am thinking about possibly creating my own pool, although that won’t be able to become as big as professional ones

It’s probably not as bad as you think.

You can continue to farm while you re-plot. Done right it can be zero downtime and no impact on farming rewards.

I think it’s too early to think long-term at this point. We don’t even know the price yet :slight_smile:

Currently I don’t have any intention to buy more storage or build a proper plotting rig but it might change if the price justifies it.

If it’s possible to re-plot and farm at the same time on the same machine then I’d probably switch to a pool as I’d prefer a fraction of a coin to an empty promise of winning one in the next 3 weeks or so.

Hard question with lots of variables.