Zero plots recognized


A problem that led to zero plots being recognized. Here is what happened, and I hope someone can offer a solution:

After a Windows blue screen of death, my computer started with no issues – that is, until I check on Chia.

Chia was complaining about a possibly bad config.yaml file.
I always make a copy of that file, before making any changes. But even when I put a known good config.yaml file back, the problem remained.

I was running Chia version 1.2.3. So I installed version 1.2.5, and Chia no longer complained about the config.yaml file. Everything seemed to be okay – but it was not.

I have thousands of plots. So upon starting up Chia, it usually take a minute or so for it to recognize my plots. But not this time.

It has be 45 minutes, and still showing zero plots.

Please help.

Thank you.


Try refreshing the plots and look at in the config file if you have the correct paths remained for your plots directory.

I partially solved the problem.

One of my external USB drives was not responding. It was registering, but I could not access it.

After disconnecting that defective drive, my plots started to show up. And although the number of plots kept climbing, it never reached my actual number of plots. It is 830 shy of what I actually have.

I tested every drive that holds plots, via:
chia plots check -g name-of.plot

I did the above for a single plot, for each of my drives, and all came back with a valid plot result.

I restarted the application, and it stalled, again, before recognizing all of my plots.

I am going to open a new thread, because now my problem is different than what it was when I opened this thread.

I am wondering if it is this new, 1.2.5 version that I am running?