Zerotier + chia

did anyone try a zerotier “software network” for a remote harvester. I configured my zerotier and everything works find - ping / iperf etc. works as expected with the zerotier ip from my remote harvester to my farmer.
The only thing which doesnt work is the chia rpc connection from my remote harvester to my farmer. I thought it could be that the farmer doesnt bind to the zerotier ip. Therfore I added a route to my zerotier network so I can ping my farmer with its “real” ip address - that works just fine.
But my harvester cant connect to my farmer via zerotier.
Anyone experience in that area?


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Me too. My host is ubuntu , remote machine for harvesting is windows. Just didn’t work.
Checked firewall setting. No success. Any suggestions?
Note: When I added the IP at full node section (GUI) , I saw the zerotier ip of the other machine…

I run tailscale (on linux boxes), which is similar, and it works fine.

IIRC, I had to make my farmer node bind self_hostname: (meaning listen on all interfaces) in my config. Trying to bind to a specific interface didn’t work for some reason.