Zima Board 832 as a Full Node?

I’m pretty green to Chia,

I have a spare Zima Board 832. I was wondering if it would be a good candidate to run a Chia Full Node? Could it handle the Dust Storms? Specs of this board is below, I have the 832… and the RAM is LPDDR4


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I have a NUC with j4105 CPU (about the same thing), and it just couldn’t pull the normal traffic at all. Those CPUs have really weak FPU (if at all), and just cannot crunch much float data. Although, that board will be perfect for a small harvester (whether Chia or Flex). (If you go with Flex, you can just run the full node on a different box, setup your wallet / get your plotting / farming keys and kill that setup.)

On the other hand, they have quite nice GPU, so can work for basically any video stream (that also requires a bunch of FPU ops, but those are provided on the GPU side, so not accessible by a “plain” code (what chia node is).


Another vote for cutting it kinda close. My rig is an old Atom D525 (predecessor to the Celerons you are looking at): 2 cores, 1.8GHz @13watts. It hovers at about 60% CPU usage until a new block gets added, then it jumps to 80-95% for the next 30 seconds. I get about 7% late shares during dust storms but it stays online and that’s good enough for me. So if you don’t mind tinkering (considering you are sitting on a dev board, I assume you do :smiley:), it could be worth the headaches just for the science.


Ya, I plan to mainly use an Evergreen Hub to do all of my mining. And expand my capacities by doing my own plotting…

If the Zima Board 832 might get bogged down during dust storms, I’ll probably only use it to run a Full Node and not farm with it. Just to help secure the Chia Network. Since the Evergreen Hub won’t be running a full node…

I’ll try and fun with it and see what it can do!

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Wondering if you put a GPU on the Zima Board if it would do alright as a GPU harvester?

How much would the PCIe 2.0 4x bottleneck the GPU?