1.3.1 can not save Farming Rewards Target Addresses

I updated to 1.3.1 under windows, but I found that my “Farming Rewards Target Addresses” have changed, and it is different from the “receive address” in the wallet, I generated a new “receive address” and copied it to the “Farming Rewards Target Addresses”, but when I Open “Farming Rewards Target Addresses” again and confirm that it is empty. Could not save.
Where am I doing wrong ? Or is it a bug

I restart program,it show my address now,and same as my wallet revice address.
but have a warning, is it right?

Bug in 1.3

Check yaml.config for xch_target_address for solo and pool.

Most likely it is what the warning says - the address is to a wallet that is not your current one that you logged in. Either you created that wallet some time ago, and possibly abandoned it, or your machine may be compromised.

You can change your farming address to the one that you have on your Wallet page. Also, if you are pooling, check what address you have there, maybe you need to change that one as well. Once done, monitor it just to make sure that it will not change by itself again (i.e., a compromised box).

I had the same bug with 1.3.1 Then I reinstalled 1.2.11 The bug was gone. The addresses came back. Do not install 1.3.0 or 1.3.1