12 out of 33 plots are bad

hi i only just recently learned how to check my plots using power shell. when checking them the system found that 12 out of 33 of my plots were bad. is this a normal ratio? over one third of my entire farm is basically useless, and im just disappointed. i did notice that most of the bad plots seem to have been made consecutively and the most recent 8 or 9 look ok. is it ok to just leave the bad plots in the farm or should i remove them, i dont want to ruin my chances of finding a proof because one third of my entire farm is bad.

So, definitely not normal. I find only a few per 100.

What exactly causes it I don’t know. I don;t believe there is a way to fix it either, except deleting and replotting.

Bad memory, errors during copying or other hardware/software issues could cause it

I have 0 bad plots, so I’d say it seems very unlikely that would be ‘normal’.