128TB Hard Drives on eBay 32 x 4TB Drives (UK only)


I have 32 x 4TB HDD Seagate Constellation ES 7200RPM to sell and I am selling them on eBay. I think it’s best for both parties involved.
I purchased them as refurbished, paid £55/each and they are now sold as used in perfect working condition. Price for each is £39.95 they are all formatted and ready to go.

I had them split in two:

80TB in total (20 x 4TB 3.5" hard drives): 80TB Seagate 20 x 4TB Hard Drive, Internal 7200 RPM,3.5 inch SATA | eBay these will be sent in a box, really well packed.

48TB in total (12 x 4TB 3.5" hard drives): 48TB SATA Hard Drives HDD 12 x 4TB,Internal ,7200 RPM,3.5 inch 7636490033469 | eBay same, these will be packed very well but in another box.

If you have any questions, please ask me.

In case you are wondering if I am selling the other drives I included in the previous eBay listing, I am not selling those. I made it so I can put all the hard drives I had on one laptop and this will remain my Chia farm for a very long time. The LianLi case I am keeping for now, if things change with Chia, I might go ahead with my expansion plans. Thanks for looking


PS: I had to relist both eBay listings to benefit from an offer which is currently active on eBay. The new links are visible above. If you’d be interested in buying both of these I can offer a small discount, let me know. Thanks for looking!