2 Harvesters connected to a third main machine only 1 showing up in "harvester network"

Hey Guys, I’m green… started last week. I followed the video online on how to connect the “guest” machines to the main mone using command line.

but i can’t figure out why only one of the two machiens show up in the gui under “you harvester network” ?
(i have the loopback and the ip of one of the machines)

i see under “last attempted proof” that it appears to be reading the plots on the machine. but what must i do to add it to the “network” ?

Update… I added two more machines and as soon as I added n.3 , n.2 machine pop up in the “harvester network” section…

Strangely enough now i see machines 1,2 and 4 but not n.3…

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