2 Wallets connected at the same time


yesterday I had on my Chia Plotting & Farming machine (1.1.4) 2 Wallet IPs among the Connections. One with localhost IP (local wallet) - which was always like this before and is normal.

Suddenly another (external) IP appeared between the “Full Nodes” Connection-types; also called “Wallet”?!

How could it be that I had 2 Wallet addresses at the same time? Internal & External?

Since the update to 1.1.5 this did not happen anymore.

Are my keys possibly stolen?

Welcome to the club! There is a few of us who noticed this.

Search “wallet connection” in the forum and you will find the other threads.

No explanation so far unfortunately.

The second one’s not your wallet. The wallet component is also part of the network and makes connections to other network participants.

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