24 pin to molex

Would this:

Help distribute the load on the PSU, result in more stable voltages, or everything ends up on the same rail anyway?

I’m not that great in hardware stuff, but, as I understand, you’ll only improve the “aesthetics” of your farm - there are no tech advantages.

Not by themselves no.

At least from the looks of these boards they just change 24 pin connector to a bunch of molex but don’t actually do anything with the power itself.

If you want to use more power from the PSU, you need to take the 12V and step it down to 5V
(because usually you have much more 12V available on the PSU than 5V and 5V in the limitation for the number of hdd’s)

You can look at @enderTown his topic/posts. If I remember correctly he has a very detailed explanation of his setup using these kinds of boards together with 12V->5V converters


Yep here’s a good place to start: Scalable DIY SATA JBOD - Will store over 250 Disks! - #34 by enderTown

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