3 block rewards paid to different xch address , more exactly to core-pool farmer


I have the same problem with 3 blocks. Seems that using the core-pool farmer changed my xch receive address and the 3 blocks rewards go to their address. The blocks founded in spacepool. This is the address that were paid :

How can i receive my rewards?

Go to farm tab, 3 little dots in top right, manage farming rewards.
Make sure those addresses are yours, if not, change them.

Yes, some pools change that.
You should have changed them back after leaving the pool.
If you coin went to the pool, you can ask for them back, but most likely they won’t return them, sorry for your loss.

when you leave core pool, make sure in your config file, that your receiving address is correct.

Ask Core-pool to pay you back…

Most likely, they won’t but nothing else to do

Simple… Don’t use ANY pool that edits your configs… Not cool anyways! I’d almost bet that they count on this to happen, and I’d also bet that they won’t give it back to you…

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Haven’t in the past.

Yeah, I wouldn’t think they would. I just think it’s SUPER shady to edit people’s configs like that. Do they give you any forewarning on their site that they are doing this and that you need to change it back? Isn’t there another pool also that does this? Flex maybe? Just seems like shady practice.


i have the exact same problem this is from scammers core pool they stole my reward also unistall everything from them and pray that you will win more blocks.