303 Plots with Missing Keys

I had a Chia farm with 300+ plots and 12 harvested Chia coins. My pc died, so I reinstall Chia on a new PC (after several months… ) and connect my two external drives with the plots.

It took over about one week to sync and after syncing there are no coins in my walled and I only have 4 plots. 303 plots with missing keys.

Is there anything else I can do then replotting?

Your 12 Chia should show up, even if you have zero plots. What was in your wallet should still be in your wallet.

What operating system are you running?
Which version of Chia did you install on your new PC?

When you installed Chia on your new PC, did you sign in with the 24 words that your fist PC created?

Hi ,

I have Windows 11 Pro running and installed Chia 2.1.1

I signed in with the 24 words, but I do have 24 words from an old walled. Should I try that? and how can I do that?

The 24 words that you use to sign in are associated with a specific wallet.

If your new PC used 24 words that are different from your old PC (different from when you won 12 Chia), then you will not see those 12 Chia. You must use the same 24 words.

Same for your new PC complaining about missing keys to your plots.
Your 24 words are your keys to farm your plots.

I am not running Chia 2.1.1, so I cannot be 100% sure of the following.

On my GUI, there is a “Log Out” symbol. You probably have the same thing.


I have never used that “Log Out” option. But it will probably take you to a login screen, where you can enter the 24 words that you created on your old machine.

I hope / believe that your issues will be resolved upon signing in with your 24 words from your old machine.

Hi , Yes I found my 12 coins. It was in the walled I called “Chia Walled Old”. Thank you.

Is there anything I can do about the 303 plot with missing keys?

How did you gain access to your old wallet?

If you used your old, original 24 words to sign in, then you should have access to your 303 plots.
If you do not have access to your old plots, then those old plots were created with some other keys (other 24 words).

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