3900x vs 5800x ? (12 cores vs 8 cores)

What will be better for plotting
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 CORE 24 THREADS
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8 CORE 16 THREADS ?
5900x is a newer one but.less cores. they are in similar price (3900x is 15% more expensive)

Will probably depend on the rest of the system. I would expect the 5800x to be faster if you are I/O limited, because it will compute faster, you can oversubscribe threads and will probably have other system components creating a limit other than the CPU. If on the other hand you have several NVMe drives for the plots the 3900X might, be able to out plot it. Do you have more details about the system?

On paper they seem similar but not in real world, 3900x wayyy outclasses the 5800x (gen 9 vs gen 7) AMD Ryzen 7 5800X vs AMD Ryzen 9 3900X: What is the difference?

@vandy thx, just like I thought, older 3900x will be faster for plotting.

@DrGuns4Hands I have some spare 64 GB DDR4 RAM and 6 x 1 TB nvme drives.
I wll make a RAID0 from them, using Asus Hyper M2 card


With that much I/O throughput you’ll probably be better off with the 3900x then because of the added parallelism. I’m working off 2 NVMe drives so I’ll be going with the 5800X for the higher per core processing speed since I won’t be able to go as wide without saturating the drives. Could you post that specific M.2 card you’ll be using, I’d like to cross check something.

Sites like that don’t really provide necessary context. For example that 5800X will trounce the 3900x in gaming. Also lightly threaded applications like Photoshop, ACAD 2D, and several other use cases where latency or speed is more important than having a lot of cores. But for this purpose going wide will most likely outperform going fast.

I posted the versus link just to define how they are actually different. To clarify, I’ve built two plotters around the 3900x and they do ~4/TB a day each. The 5800x is also known to be the HOTTEST running of the ryzen line-up. Thus my recommendation. Heat is going to reduce your performance and will eventually lead to degraded performance over-time. ALL ryzen’s run hot, this one runs on fire!!

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Thz guys, one more questions, would you go for Ryzen 9 3900x X2 pieces (2 systems) or one Ryzen 9 5950x ?
For the same price, keeping in mind that I have other parts ready for 2 systems (not a motherboard, but the cost of it is small).

TWO SYSTEMS. Chia pushes everything to the limits. you’re basically up against the bandwidth limitations of a single motherboard

Another toss up based on your goals. 5950X gets you a no compromise solution on the #of Cores/Speed equation. What’s your plot storage solution, will it be local or a network connection to a NAS or SAN? If local you’ll double you’re I/O hookup points for the long term storage drives by going with 2 3900X’s. This performance sheet should be of some interest. It looks like xoronix has both a 3800X and 5800X. Those’ll be same core count to compare to each other and it looks like first phase is about 25% faster on the 5000 series.

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Having a hard time finding any comparisons for the 3900X vs 5800X thermals, best I could find was a 3800X vs 5800X 72c vs 77c. Wouldn’t be enough to worry about the difference since basically anything (except Bulldozer) has been rated for 95c. For my personal use I’ll be going with the 5800x as an upgrade from my 3600. I’ve already got a custom water loop and chia is just a side thing for me anyway. Would rather have the gaming performance and close enough performance for production tasks. I’ll wait to go big until PCIe 5 and DDR5 support in a year or 2. And I won’t saturate the throughput of the 5800X with my I/O system anyway.

@DrGuns4Hands @vandy thanks for info, I will go for a few systems with 3900x.
@DrGuns4Hands for the farmer I have a bunch of USB disks, connected to Sabrent 10 usb hub. About 40 disks in various sizes.

Ya with that many USB devices attached to a single computer you could definitely start running into instability issues. Which reminds me. Warning: X570 motherboards have had some USB instability issues. I believe the lastest AGESA drivers have solved this, but whether those firmwares have been posted yet for the specific board you’re planning to get may vary.


It looks like it might have been limited to 5000 series chips and been an issue with how it integrated with PCIe 4. It shouldn’t affect you since you are going with 3000 series and they don’t have support for PCIe 4.

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Woah, didn’t knew about it!
Interesting stuff, I will definately update my bios after the next chia update. Cheers @DrGuns4Hands

Dude! I think I’ve seen photos of your farming rig on keybase, very creative!!


Hi, mind to share your build and setup? Am going crazy to finetune my plotting speed on 1TB/day