~400 TB of Hard Drives For Sale -- Contact for best price

Lots and lots of plotting HDDs available for sale. Various sizes between 8 TB and 14 TB.

If you are seriously interested, then send me a PM with how many drives you are looking for and what your total budget is.

Pricing will be around $17 / TB with possible volume discounts. Drives will ship from the United States.

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Where are you based?


Drives will ship from the United States – I edited the post to clarify that.

It’s a mix of Western Digital Easystores and Seagate EXOS drives with external casing. What kind of TB are you looking for?

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I’m in U.K. so postage costs would be too high.

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Hi are these internal or external and how many 14TB are left?

They are internal drives with external casing + PSU – you can use them as either.

If interested, send me a PM.