5 Computer with 1TB each

I have 5 pc in my house with 1TB each If I farm chia. Can I connect all my pc with the same Key and earning will be added to the same wallet?
note : Sorry for my poor english and poor knowledge on Chia farming.

Follow guide: Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

Thanks for the reply and link.
For me, it looks so complex :frowning:

There’s vids on YouTube, not too hard.

You could run a full node on each machine, but then your farming stats are per machine not aggregated, and the node communications on port 8444 will be very cluttered and inefficient with 5 nodes all trying to send packets between each other and the rest of the internet.

Also having 5 machines powered up when it might be easier to attach all the drives to one machine makes no sense.

Im afraid, with 1TB each, u might earn less, than what U pay for the electricity.

electricity is free ( Solar System )