56 plots, still no payout for two days

Hi, I wonder if you have the same issue. I’m getting no payout for two dayss although 56 plots have been already created. Are you having problems with payouts.

with 56 plots, you are earing something very close to 0 per day
So it’s no surprise you are not getting a payout.

Solo, it will take forever to win a block. If you are on a pool there is usually a minimum amount before they pay out to the farmer. Check your pool dashboard to see your balance and their minimum payout

you’re right but look at this,

at least there were any payouts

and I still making plots

I’m sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about, What exactly is that a picture of?

this is a picture of payouts made to my wallet (Amount), and two days ago it suddenly stopped, so the question is - what might be the reason?

I dunno…

How are you farming solo/pool?
which pool?
are they nft plots?
are you farming Chia or a fork like Flax?
need a bit of info to answer a question

Those payouts make no sense to me for 56 plots on Chia

I see you are on a pool which pays on every block win with no minimum pay limit. No pay for 2 days might be that the pool did not win any block.
Smaller pools can go for days without any win.
On your picture, I see the pool won a block on 31 July, 01 August, won twice on 02 August, and since no win. Winning once per day is a small pool, few days no win is very possible.

If you want to change pool, you can do so while continuing plotting, your plots in the making will automatically connect to the new pool you change to. (Note: they follow the “-c key”, not the pool.)

How some people are making mistakes:

They decide to change pool.

They stop plotting and restart plotting with the new pool’s details. (Mistake.) Then they have several tabs for the very same pool with plots divided (This becomes a mess which is permanent.).

thanks for explanation