8 LFF Bay Disk Tray + Dell Perc H310 + Cables

I built this but don’t use it.
It is a generic 8 Bay Disk Tray, rack mountable.
It has a 500W power supply, Supermicro Power Management doodad that makes the power and reset buttons on the front work and has fan headers. I have changed the fans for quieter ones. I can throw in the original growlers if you like noisy fans.
The Dell Perc H310 is an 8 port SAS controller featuring the LSI chip. The Dell variant is supposed to be more robust than the original LSI card.
I have also included a pair of 8088 to 8088 cables to complete the kit.
Price: £200
Location: London, England
Payment: Paypal, Cash…


Looks like very nice setup…

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That is very kind of you.

When my old company moved labs in 2014 who knew what was to come 8 years later.