90tb of External HDD's and some other plotting gear for sale

2x 14tb WD My Book
2x 12tb WD easystore
3x 10tb Seagate Expansion
1x 8tb WD easystore

All 1-3 months old, in pristine condition. Boxes in hand.

Also have:

Insignia 7usb hub
Sabrent usb 3.0 external NVME case
2x Samsung 970 EVO Pro 2tb NVME

Looking to recoup some of my investment with these.

Prefer to sell the HDD’s in bulk, but would be willing to part it out.

Flat Shipping rate + paypal goods and services fee on entire order= $100

I appreciate your proactiveness of posting a picture without us having to ask for it. I’m wondering what’s the ask or offer for the WD products only all batched together?

Thank you!

Currently accepting offers. Would like to move :slight_smile:

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How much for all of the drives?

$15/tb + $100 shipping/PayPal fees takes it

So basically 16 a tb after the shipping. Hmm yeah I’ll pass I can get new ones for 18 a tb

Or you can get basically new for cheaper :wink: most msrp, especially the larger drives are ~$20/tb with tax and even more if you have to ship

What is the cost of shipping to Europe (Poland) ? I can take all the drives for 15$ per TB. What about warranty ?

I am interested. Sent you a PM yesterday.

If you have not sold will buy all drives at 10 a tb. Shipping ok to pay.