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All about creating Chia plot files. Getting started with some spare hard drive space? If you want to know how many plots for your specific rig – read How Many Plots Can I Make a Day!

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You should really read the excellent @Blueoxx blog post linked above, but I’ll TL;DR it here in the hopes that people will actually read… something… anything

  1. CPU → (Cores + Threads) / 2
  2. RAM → (Total RAM)MB / 3400MB
  3. Temp Space → (Total Disk Space)GB / 250GB

Round ↓ down in the above calculations.

Notes on performance:

  1. CPU → Single threaded performance matters A LOT in overall plot time. It is arguably the single most important factor in plot time. The more cores, the better.
  2. Disk → I/O bandwidth is important, primarily as you do multiple plots to the same destination. For a single plot, even a regular HDD will do OK-ish. For multiple plots to the same destination disk, you want SSD, and ideally NVMe, even better an ultra-fast PCI 4.0 NVMe drive.
  3. Ram → the least important of all the criteria. Just make sure you have the minimum required. Adding more RAM does almost nothing to improve plot time.
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