Accessing 1.6.0 new wallet address

I upgraded the windows chia client from 1.3.4 to 1.6.0 5 days ago. The upgrade was smooth and easy. I have a win10 farmer and 3 win10 harvesters running All are 1.6. I’m using NFT plots and running in Pool payments have arrived as expected. Yesterday I won 2 blocks pooling, and the farmer reward was paid out to a new wallet address (which was likely created during the upgrade). however, the transaction doesn’t up in the 1.6.0 Token tab. ( shows the 0.5 XCH in the new wallet address).

After some digging, to resolve, I exited Chia, backed up and deleted the wallet DB files, and relaunched chia. The wallet quickly sync’ed up, but the 0.5 XCH isn’t shown. I waited an hour, and did the exit/delete/resync a second time. and no luck this time either.

I’m not freaked by this, but I’d like to xfer the 0.5 to a different wallet address.

Researching the chia wallet CLI shows ‘chia wallet send’ allows me to specify the target/destination address, but not the source address, as far as I can tell.

So my question is: how can I move the 0.5 XCH to a different wallet address?

PS: I have updated farming reward address to the prior values, for a short term solution. I can update them to new addresses when I understand why the XCH doesn’t appear in my wallet.

I doubt you can send it till it shows up.
Are you sure its your address?

Sorry, not much help, ive not upgraded in months.

In theory you could send all your funds to yourself in a new address.
However if your wallet doesnt see all your coin i doubt it would be accepted into a block if your wallet even tried to transmit the send as it would think your not capable of makkng it.

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Thanks for taking some time to reply. I figured out what happened.

On this system I had been running a secondary key / wallet set, imported from mnemonics. I decided to make it my farming rig, (1 farmer, 3 harvesters for me). I imported the farming key / wallet from mnemonics . When I won a block the farming reward was sent to the secondary wallet’s XCH receive address. The config.yaml wasn’t updated to farming addresses, and the farming rewards were sent to the secondary receive address.

Not great key hygiene on my part, and I didn’t think to check the reward addresses. but the XCH are under my control, and I consider this closed.


We only care because we care.

Thanks for letting us know what your problem was, I find it interesting because I got in mess too

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