Accidentally deleted some plots, can I recover them?

hello everyone

just deleted some plots and tried to recover them using a program to recover.
but was amazed that *.plot file were unable to recover
and some files that i renamed to *.mv to move them to another drive were able to recover

Anyone have a explanation for this?

You are better off creating new plots than trying to restore them.

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those ones *.mv already have them in another drive

had to try recover it just to see what happens

PLOT files comes with a result of 0 bytes
MV files comes with 101GB result, takes a lot of time to recover and they are invalid.

and just like zogstrip said, better plot new ones that try to recover.

hope my experience help others :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You know you can just type @zogstrip and I will automagically be mentioned :wink: